Upgraded Forum

I’ve updated the forum software and also installed a CAPTCHA check for new forum sign-ups in order to try and reduce the level of spam on the boards.

9 Responses to “Upgraded Forum”

  1. Todd Says:

    Good day, I am trying to install this awesome gallery on my website for a friend and im having trouble can you please advise? thank you, Todd.

  2. Sven Says:

    I have interes for the TINTIN Arumbaya Fetich. Do you sell that figure. Best regards from Berlin.

  3. Singapore Says:

    Hey Tamlyn, I was just wondering how’d you end up with the name Singapore for your software – an interesting choice of name.

  4. ritankhan Says:

    Welcome to Kenya safaris, where we offer the best tour and travel services for destinations in Kenya.

  5. Edh Says:


    Thank you for keeping Singapore going. We don’t say it much be we all appreciate it. Also, I like the forum software, it is so simple and clean. Ed.

  6. Myke Ashley-Cooper Says:

    I’ve cancelled my site’s hosting with and they haven’t sent me the connections of my 34 cartoonists’ galleries.
    How do I connect these again to please?

  7. theguru Says:

    I have a great gallery (more than 1000 catalogs and over 3GB of data).
    I moved it to another server I installed the new script.
    I can not login. The new server uses the same SQL database as the previous one. The old password is not working and I do not know how to enter new ones.

    What should I do?!


  8. Muzamil Says:

    It is a real mess. I cannot post any thing in forum.

    I am stuck at a point where my galleries are not appearing in admin mode. While posting a new topic it says.
    “Gibberish based post detected, post denied!.”

    I have changed every thing but still it is on the same point. What to do now? The only way to get help has lost.

  9. Danial Says:

    LOL Tamlyn, where are you? Help needed. Anyway good job on the upgrade. cheers!