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#1 2006-04-26 17:28:40


Extended Security Features

Maybe the possibility to block guests totally from viewing pictures, post comments etc. and only allowing registered users to do so would be cool.


#2 2006-04-26 17:30:21


Re: Extended Security Features

Currently you cannot post comments. Also you can adjust the "Read"-acces by using singapores user-managment/group features. Check by clicking "Edit permissions" on the particular gallery.

However I suggest for  "living in your own world"-solutions you should use .htaccess-features.

edit: the last post was a little bit quick, sorry

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#3 2006-04-29 03:45:51

Lead Developer

Re: Extended Security Features

Actually the 'read' access rights don't work yet. Enabling them requires building login functionality into the frontend interface which I've been too lazy to do yet. It will get done soon tough (bearing in mind 'soon' is a relative term in this context...).



#4 2007-03-01 15:34:32


Re: Extended Security Features

Hy tamlyn, 

good job on the singapore photogallery. Using it now for almost 2 years or so and have used the password protect mod. Since newer versions that won't work anymore.
Have you any sight on when you will develop the read acces into singapore?  It will be very nice when that is ready.
I know time is relative, but you said here, it will maybe come soon  a year ago. Can i expect it within a half a year, or do i have to search for other methods to protect it.

Greets and thanx  Get!em