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#1 2007-04-17 23:18:28


localisation bug if nplurals=3 (czech language)

I really like singapore, today I've tested it a bit, tried to modify czech translation and found a bug in czech localization, but it maybe occurs everytime nplurals is greater than two.
Here's my test website, please check it out, simple translation with only "%s image" and corresponding plural forms translated into czech is here. … s_utf8.pmo
It should be 1 "obrázek", 2 to 4 "obrázky", 5 and more "obrázků".
Also tried latest Russian (UTF-8) 0.10.1 trans., according to translation instruction it should be using same plural forms as czech, but although I cannot read russian azbuka, it is clear, that for 1 and 5 items in gallery is used same term.
Hope I made myself clear and sorry for my english.
Looking forward for your tips.