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#1 2008-03-09 04:22:14


Resetting password of any user

Just in case any of you need it.

singapore uses a md5-encrypted form of password authentication.
This is a one-way encryption, meaning if you encrypt it, theres almost no way of decrypting it back to its original text.
Therefore, you can only reset the password, and not recover it.

How to reset a user's password:

Open data/users.csv.php
Make a backup of it, just in case.

Look for the user you want, for example, admin.
This is an example of how it looks like:
admin,ae2b1fca515949e5d54fb22b8ed95575,1024,"","","Administrator","Default administrator account",""

See the 'ae2b1fca515949e5d54fb22b8ed95575'? That's the md5-encrypted form of the password. In this case, 'testing'.

To reset: Go to

Type in the password you want, then click Calculate md5.

After being generated, copy the output.

Replace the previous encrypted password, 'ae2b1fca515949e5d54fb22b8ed95575', with the new one.

Save, login.

Change password. big_smile

Hope this helped.