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#1 2008-05-10 18:15:08


Gallery Not Found

I have installed the script in my webhosting server (php5). Everything works fine,excepts the gallery with traditional chinese name on front page can not be opened - Gallery not found....

I have set default_language(zh_tw_utf8) and default_charset(utf-8) properly in singapore.ini , set 777 for "data" & "gallery" and a created "tmp" directory. The chinese words show up correctly...

I don't understand:

1. Why can i open the chinese language album in admin area,but,cannot do that in front page?
2. When i creat two galleries - for example - ABC(english), DEF(chinese) - a new dir "ABC" will be created automatically under dir "galleries",however,EDF is not found. But,it is weird that the thumbnail pictures of DEF can still be shown up on front and admin page.

Try to search in google with string words - "singapore" & "gallery not found - you will find astonished results. So many people got the same problem as i did. I think there must be some bugs in this script....

Any help will be very much appreciated!! Thanks!!

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