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#1 2008-10-27 16:59:08


Thumbnails not beaing created

I've had a gallery working last 2 years or something, and now its giving me errors!
At first I got an error on the top - after searching the forum I found out generate.php needed to have 777 permissions - which obviously I must have done when I created the gallery otherwise thumbnails creating would work - once I CHMODed it it got sorted, but it still doesn't want to create the actual thumbnails - … mp;lang=sv

All old galleryalbums which have been posted previousöy have been working fine- … mp;lang=sv

I suspect generate.php isn't the only file of which permissions have changed. I've set permission 777 on data and galleries folder.

Any ideas?



#2 2008-10-28 00:37:25


Re: Thumbnails not beaing created

This is an old version of SGAL new version has many changes and bug fixes that have been made to it since the version you are using, just letting you know.

As for thumb problem is the gal directory permission set correctly the system must be able to write the thumbs and dirs


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