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#1 2004-05-29 14:11:13

Lead Developer

multipage galleries bug in v0.9.9

There is a bug in the default template which means that text links on gallery pages other than the first  don't work (although the thumbnails are still correctly linked).

To fix this problem simply change line 30 of templates/default/gallery.tpl.php and templates/admin_default/gallery.tpl.php to:


<p><strong><a href="<?php echo $sg->galleryURL($index+$sg->startat) ?>"><?php echo $gal->name ?></a></strong></p>

The Neat, simpel and xp templates are not affected but MinimumBlue is. If you are using this template then you can download an updated version from the templates page.

Sorry. I can't beleive I didn't spot this! :oops: