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#1 2009-07-08 17:30:16


Crumbline You are here mod

Heres an ultra simple mod to change the default "You are here" txt to whatever you like, and no need to ever edit the main SGAL classes.

Open up the header file of whatever template you are using and look for 

<?php echo $sg->crumbLine(); ?>

And replace it with

<?php echo str_replace("You are here", "PUT WHATEVER YOU LIKE HERE", $sg->crumbLine()); ?>

It does not get easier then that.

This is a fancier version for those who wish to take it up a notch.
for this version we first add the following to our singapore.ini

crumb_heading = "PUT WHATEVER YOU LIKE HERE"

Then in our template of choice we replace the crumb code in the header file with this instead.

        $crumbline = $sg->config->crumb_heading;
        echo str_replace("You are here", $crumbline, $sg->crumbLine());

That mod allows us to set whater we would like it to say directly from our main settings file.


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#2 2011-12-01 06:42:20


Re: Crumbline You are here mod

yes its a very useful code so thanks.


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