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#1 2009-10-19 15:04:42


how to help

Hello i love the gallery
but i have problem with the customization..

are their any documentation.

i would love to find a wiki.. ( have looked and searched but no luck. )

i have ideas. but i cant figure out the system..

the over all impression is that its a strong system but as said i'm in doubt...

the basic layout:

1. all gallery's.

2. the select sub gallery with thumbs.

3. the select image in the, sub gallery is maximized here

i was thinking of ajax in the code, but if some one would take the time helping me to get started i would be happy.

Thanks in advance Reevs

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#2 2009-10-19 21:39:19


Re: how to help

Hi you can do somthing like what you asked but you would need to create your own custom template and code to complete the task at hand.

We do not offer a template that does what your asking but do have somthing like that in experimetal mode to show you ideas on what can be done its a bit buggy so it is not and will not be for download but it could get you in a direction of good ideas.

if your changing txt as well you will need to work with the innerHTML prop in JS when you write the code to swap the images and txt.

You can see this in the lab.

you can also see a version of the wiki from the lab as well. … tal_test_1

We have many other great templates avail you can see and test in the lab.


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#3 2009-11-07 03:32:15


Re: how to help

Hi Reevs,
We have considered having a wiki but our schedules got busy. Now that you ask I will revisit this project.

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