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#1 2010-01-03 10:57:06


external gallery with GetSimple

I'm trying to include sgal into GetSimple CMS externally. Sgal is inside a folder named sgal in the Getsimple root folder. I have called it through the following code inserted inside my GetSimple template file.

<?php include('sgal/external.php'); ?>   

The link in Getsimple site menu using this template file pointing to this is http://localhost/getsimple/gallery

The gallery shows fine but I could not get any of the links to work. I moved out the entire sgal contents to the getsimple root folder and made the necessary path changes to the getsimple template. All the links work but the moment I move beyond the root gallery I lose my Getsimple header and footer. Basically my entire sgal gallery moves out of Getsimple space and the only thing showing on the screen is the gallery with only it's own links showing with no relation to the Getsimple contents in which it should be embedded.

Where am I going wrong?



#2 2010-01-07 16:00:05


Re: external gallery with GetSimple

Somtimes very tricky with CMS as  it can many times need the correct query str just to get it to work correctly, as many of those systems were designed only to work with there on moduals not sep PHP scripts by other venders. I will talk to one of our mods that has done this and see if he can get back to you.


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#3 2010-01-07 17:55:26


Re: external gallery with GetSimple

Yes just like DC mentioned getting it into a CMS can be tricky.
After reading up on GetSimple CMS it is similar to CMS Made Simple which I use.

Have you posted this question in the CMS Forum? I found this >
or this looks more like your situation

It is very similar to mine except mine is called a User Defined tags.

Just a thought, to try



Then there must be some way to include it in your page, in my case I added:



Where I wanted SGAL to appear.

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