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#1 2010-05-10 08:22:12


chmod to 755

I tried creating galleries with my folder in 755 and 775 chmod but could not do it. I ultimately had to do it with the permissions changed to 0777.

But this is not very safe is it? In any case my servers (bluehost and others as well) change the permissions back to their default for security reasons and I have to do the chmod everytime. This is not a very helpful environment for the clients since most of us designers' clients are not tech-savvy enough to keep using ftp for chmod everytime they make a change in their galleries.

I notice the following line inside singapore.ini

directory_mode = 0777

Can I change it to 0775 or 0755 so that the default configuration of my server can work with singapore gallery without leaving a security hole in my site?



#2 2010-05-13 14:31:08


Re: chmod to 755

You can try that and let me know if it works as I never had that problem but most times you will need 777 as the server must be able to write to the dir this is common among most scripts that write to files and or dirs.

And really each server has its on security measures in place so depending on the server type and company some are more secure then others I do not use any servers that auto changes permissions thats not good.

Also note: you can't chmod on a win box only nix.


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#3 2010-08-27 13:41:04


Re: chmod to 755

If u are on windows server u can try this:

cgi-bin - permission:
READ | EXECUTE| (don't have WRITE)

Public - permission:
777 or 775 or 755 (depend from your provider:usually is 777)

mdb-database permission:
| WRITE | (no download allowed)

App_Data permission:
| WRITE | (file can;t read via browser)

if u want u can try to put your sing folder inside "pubblic" and everything go...

if u have some problem with cmhod, u can follow also this; (inside php manual):

.. but really i think is only for linux partition... never try on windows conf.

have a nice day.