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#1 2004-06-12 01:10:58

Lead Developer

singapore 0.9.9a released

Bugfix release addresses at least three issues that have been reported in the v0.9.9 release...



#2 2004-06-12 01:23:49

Lead Developer

Re: singapore 0.9.9a released


fixed text link on gallery pages other than the first
fixed XHTML compliance of default template
fixed calculated image sizes in various situations

There is still a slight problem calculating the sizes of images when force_size is on and one of the dimensions of the image is less than the required dimension but the other is not. In this situation I am not sure if the image should be enlarged and cropped so as to be the same size as other images or partially cropped so as to be no larger than other images while not actually enlarging it. Currently it does neither!

I have included a diff file for this release to allow easy upgrading if you know how to use diff's. If you don't then just use the standard ZIP archive distribution (or learn!).

Get it all here.