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#1 2005-12-07 09:32:14


admin useful feature help


Here i am again..i got the last useful feature going absoultely fine..i think imagination will help singpore develop fast...there should be a feature request section BTW.....

I am trying to ask for help for those features which dont need introducing new variables or codes..Rather i am trying to reuse what is already written is what i need help for

I have GOT 6 galleries with 4 images in each...(so total 24)

NOW IN singapore admin section after one logs in..and then clicks VIEW GALLERY HITS.
1:....the next page shows the Hits for individual Galleries.
2:....THEN CLicking any gallery shows the Hits which each image GOT in THAT gallery.


What i want is..(which is possible)

After i click VIEW GALLERY HITS...

1: Next page Shous
                 a: Hits for individual galleries
                 b: Sum of HITS of All Galleries at the bottom

                 c: Sum of the Hits of All the Images (that is Sum of HITS of 24 Images here in my case)

                 d: Sum of b and c

That is just adding up and showing the summary.

I am not a PHP CODER but i know thats easy for those who know SINGAPORE WELL.....

So kindly let me know what file to EDIT...where to remove ,replace or Add

Thanks for reading..I think that feature will b more helpful to everyone